Brothers of the head ~ Brian W. Aldiss

► door: A.IJ. van den Berg

The tragic story of the little Egyptian girl with the two heads reminded me I actually have a book about a somewhat similar character. However, I only picked up Brothers of the head for the techniques used in its illustrations. As Ian Pollock’s luminous watercolours still are inspiring to me.

I even doubt if I ever read the story.

And, now that I have finally done that, it is clear why previous attempts may have failed. Brothers of the head is the story of the quarrelsome Siamese twins Tom and Barry, who have a dormant third head. While that extra head awakens the twins suffer more and more, and die. To make that story more interesting: the twins are part of the once hugely successful pop group Bang-Bang, and fight over the same woman.


The lyrics of their top hits are printed in an appendix by the way.

Let’s just say I will stick to watching the pictures in this book from now on.

Brian W. Aldiss, Brothers of the head
119 pagina’s
Pierrot Publishing Ltd., 1977

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